Yona of the Dawn Episode 4 English Dub

Added: October 28, 2014

Hak brings Yona to his hometown, Capital Fuuga. Elder Mun-deok is absent, having been called to Hiryuu Castle. There, Soo-Won seeks approval from the five clan heads to become King of Kouka Kingdom. Mun-deok defers giving his support, as it would mean acknowledging Hak is a suspect, and returns to Fuuga. The fire clan cut off water to Fuuga as a warning. Lord Tae-jun, acting without orders, intercepts the merchants that coincidentally, would have brought the medicine that Hak's adoptive brother Tae-yeon, now desperately needs. Hak decides to leave Fuuga and dissociate himself from the tribe in order to protect the wind clan. Hak's final order as chief is for Mun-deok to accept Soo-Won as king, and to take Yona in, and let her live out her life as a villager.

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