Yona of the Dawn Episode 8 English Dub

Added: November 25, 2014

Ik-su asks Yona and Hak to take Yun with them, but Yun is reluctant, saying he hates royalty. Despite this, he makes new clothes for Yona and trims her hair. Seven years earlier Yun had been living alone in a village on the verge of starvation, and had attacked the wandering Ik-su after hearing he had been giving out gold pieces. Afterwards feeling guilty, he had treated Ik-su with medicine and Ik-su taught him how to make shoes out of straw. Eventually Yun, wanting to learn more and travel with Ik-su, left his home with Ik-su. In the present time, Yun decides to go with Yona and Hak, and he tearfully bids Ik-su farewell.

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